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1. Who is authorized to sign up for these Events ?

These classes are for students, job seekers or who are in the jobs.

2. How soon will I hear back on whether or not I've been confirmed for my requested training Event ?

Generally, you and your supervisor will receive a confirmation via email within three business days.

3. Do I need to get my supervisor's approval to attend this Event ?

Employees are expected to discuss a plan for their professional development and seek approval from their supervisor to attend, prior to participating in any training events.

4. What do I need to do to register for a Event ?

Please click on the "Register / Cancel Event" link and proceed.

5. What if the Event is full ?

Class size is limited and employees will be admitted into classes on a first-come first-serve basis. Employees who wish to sign up for classes that are full will be put on a waiting list or asked to attend the class on a different date.

6. Is there a Cancellation policy ?

If an insufficient number of employees have signed up for a class three (3) working days prior to the class date, then Human Resources reserves the right to cancel the class. If a class is cancelled, employees will be notified by Human Resources.

7. I can't attend a Event I registered for previously. What should I do ?

If you are unable to attend a class, please cancel your registration. Class size is limited, and cancelling your registration will allow someone on the wait list to attend.